November 17, 2011

Ear Candy: The Motions of....Maysa

When you hear Maysa sing, its as if your soul is crooning something beautiful. Very few artists have the gift that Maysa has. That ease....the ebb and flow of her vocals render you speechless and, with her latest project, overflowing with emotions.

Her latest gift, Motions of Love, is flawless. From welcoming us abroad her love flight on "Get Wit Me" to her passionate duet with Dwele on "Flower Girl" to invoking your faith on "Hold On", she takes you on an unbelievable journey!

My favorite song is "Come Dance With Me". I'm a hopeless romantic in love with the one that I love (yes I'm sappy I know..ha!). This is going to be our wedding song..already decided (ya heard!).

I can go on and on and on about Maysa's latest!

Do your soul a favor.....pick up your copy!

- Chante

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