September 27, 2011

NYC Malaysian Noodle Festival

Photo Credit: Village Voice

Malaysia Kitchen caused a serious traffic jam today in Chelsea with its Noodle Festival featuring eight local restaurants giving foodie lovers a sampling of the best of Malay cuisine that New York City offers.

With a tight lunch hour schedule, I was only able to try the Curry Mee from the New Malaysia Restaurant. It's a yummy dish - noodles in curry spicy both, fish balls and tofu. Delicious is not the word to describe this! I really wanted to try it all but time was ticking and the crowd was not on my side (the line to Fatty Crab was insanely long)! From afar, this tiny island was an oasis to food-obsessed New Yorkers everywhere that made even the most resistant passerby stop and take notice then eventually convince without hesitation to join the rest of us in the "line dance". 

It was truly an amazing turnout - I hope this will convince Malaysia Kitchen to do this random act of foodie goodness in other areas in the city more often!


Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography

This guy definitely had his hands full...

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography