July 5, 2011

Making Cupcakes @ Butterlane

Before noshing on burgers, bbq chicken, hot dogs, potato salad, etc., SRs Chante spent the July 4th afternoon at Butterlane to learn a thing or two about to make delicious cupcakes like the pros (or close to it).

The kitchen was very "Food Network" ish with everyone donning aprons, using high powered mixers, stacks and stacks of ingredients (salt, powder, sugar, butter milk, etc.), and a witty intructor to take the shyness away from anyone.

We kicked off the class with sweet treats from the folks at Butterlane to show us how these cupcakes that we are about to make should taste like. Next up, a brief lesson on the basic do's and dont's of baking which explains why Chante's cupcakes always ended up chewy and hard (inside and out) lacking the fluffy, light consistency that she was trying so hard to achieve.

The session was invigorating with everyone busy at work mixing, folding, stirring, measuring and blending. There were 108 cupcakes to make so we did break a sweat!!!  While the cupcakes were cooling, we learned how to make the frosting and the Jedi-way of properly applying it - Chante scored a coupon for free cupcakes b/c of her awesome skills in this area! (lol) She cannot wait to cash in the coupon and a chance to come back to the East Village -which will be real soon!

If you would like to try your hand at making cupcakes, check out the class schedule for details.