April 4, 2011


Saturday, April 2nd, the Synch Ladies embarked on the much needed; beautifully warm and sunny weather in NYC to take a "taste" of the newly revamped digs of a restaurant that has been a soul food culinary staple for years:  THE PINK TEA CUP RESTAURANT! 

Taking over the location of the infamous , “Sweet Basil,” you get that vintage feel adorned with brightly colored antique-ish type couches and cushiony chairs when you first walk in.  Upon entering the main room, the sound of music (no, not Julie Andrews) fills the air as you walk pass the original artwork left behind with the occasional celeb-sighting (Is that ?uestlove!?).

SR’s Caprice had been a permanment fixture in the previously small but quaint location of “The Pink Tea Cup’s” and only just a couple years ago took SR’s Chante to partake in the yummy goodness of what Caprice has been raving about for years: the best damn soul food on the planet! 

It was stated in a past review of the new opening that they brought back the original chef who had created the original recipes along with new culinary delights (and higher prices); as well as a cocktail menu; unlike the liquor-free menu of yesteryear. 

SYNCH LADIES PROS AND CONS:  Music was a bit too loud (not a good thing if you’re there to have a conversation); the food was tasty but a bit sugary (pass the hot sauce please); heartbreakingly overpriced; spacious; the “pancakey” cornbread we received ($1 extra) fell short of it’s original predeccesor (which used to be free with your meal and was like cornbread should be); and the lack of that family style atmosphere that kept you coming back again and again! 

Does SR's Caprice STILL think it's the best soul food on the planet?  Unfortunately not; but still worth the trip!  Will the SYNCH LADIES return?   YES WE WILL!!

So, with the battle of the cons versus the pros, we would still recommend you checking it out for yourself!  But please remember...bring CASH only.  There are no credit cards accepted.