April 5, 2011


True You
By Janet Jackson with David Ritz
"Despite the success and the public image, the private me felt I wasn't good enough."
Chronicling her formative years through her early stages of her acting career to her intro to her music career, Janet brings readers into her psyche - her inner most thoughts and feelings at each point in her life. What is different about this book is that its about this young girl growing pains, developing, making mistakes, growing and loving in public view. Janet really did a wonderful job with this book. It's raw and truthful (names of close friends have been changed). It's a spiritual journey not unlike the ones that each of us are marching on.

To get to know the woman behind the music, the pain behind the smile and to see into the window of an artist who millions have come to admire, SR's Chante highly recommends that you pick up a copy!