April 14, 2011

DOCUMENTARY - War on Guns in America

SR's Chante saw HBO's "Gun Fight" documentary in the early hours of the morning - this dose of reality was stronger than a cup of Cafe Bustelo black (not in a good way). Directed by Barbara Kopple, this doc brings gun violence to your doorstep - from accidental shootings in the home (loved ones mistaking the other for an intruder) to unstable individuals with violent tendencies that think that its part of life's norm to possess a multitude of weaponry (as if going to war) to politicians and their flock forming unruly alliances because the America that they love is in danger (and arming up is the only way to save it).

This is truly unsettling! This is NOT a movie but reality that not many are courageous to face. In this documentary, you see the horrific glimpses of random shootings like the Columbine shooting to the scenes in an ER as doctors attempt to save the life of shooting victims or as victims cope daily with their paralysis.

The efforts of filmmakers (like Kopple), artists, officials, community based organizations and citizens who do all they can in bringing awareness, making change and refusing the cease in the anti-gun movement are applauded. There is so much more work to be done.