October 16, 2010


Part Two of ‘The Synch Chronicles: Celebrating Virgo’ at The Shrine, September 18th was indubitably a night to be written in stone for years to come; featuring R&B Sensation, JERMAINE PAUL; who, along with his family beside him, shook up the Shrine with his sensational crooning as we celebrated the B/Earth-Day of Synchronized Rhythm’s co-founder, CAPRICE ‘STARBRITE’ TODMANN.

Exuding much professionalism, JERMAINE stepped on to the Shrine stage captivating us with his harmonious melodies; sending the audience swaying to his exuberant blend of strong butter-like vocals and musicianship!! Having written for many artists, as well as performed with and written for Alicia Keys, it was abundantly clear that this gentleman is indeed a talent that needs to be heard, as well as seen! (Ladies, can we get an Amen!?) His charming personality over exceeded his musical artistry and is something we have not seen in a long time! We are sure this gentleman will go very far; and we will be right there cheering him on! The birthday girl even got in a little shimmy as JERMAINE spun out what we’re going to call that…JP Fever! To catch some of it, visit JERMAINE PAUL @ http://www.facebook.com/MusicByJermainePaul or look him up on YouTube!

It was a fantastic evening; meeting new faces and seeing friends whom supported Synchronized Rhythm from the beginning; and for that, the gratitude goes out to all those in attendance! In conjunction with THE SYNCH CHRONICLES: ‘Celebrating Virgo celebration, this was an exciting culmination to a special birthday that began the weekend prior—here is a recap from Caprice “Starbrite” Todmann of her actual birthday:

I was home (on the computer of course), waiting for Chante’s arrival! I knew she had something planned but didn’t know what. While checking menus, I hear a bang at my door! Not a knock but a BANG! Now you KNOW, I was about to go postal (banging on my damn door – WHO THE HELL IS IT??-LOL) I swung the door open about to twist my mouth and curse like a sailor and suddenly my girl Celeste appears in the doorway; yelling ‘SURPRISE!!’ If you could imagine the look on my face…then you know I was utterly taken by surprise! Keeping this a secret for about two weeks (damn them-LOL), I knew something was going on but because there was so much on my mind, I didn’t use my CIA, FBI tactics to figure it out, so I never gave it another thought; and have to admit…they got me real good!

After much tears, we collected ourselves and laughed at my reaction because lord knows it was priceless! We then took a little walk for some libations, but upon returning from the store, Chante got a surprise from the neighborhood dog (who she calls Cujo) and suddenly took to the street in a flash!! (RUN CHANTE RUUUUUUN) That is one of the funniest moments I will never forget!! The next morning (Friday), I worked a little C Starr pancakes and sausage for breakfast to fill our tummies and off we went to spend the day at the South Street Seaport for a therapeutic sail on the Hudson! Later that evening after having dinner at UNO’s, we headed over to BB King’s to check out another friend of mine, JULIAN, who came into town to perform (this I knew about-LOL) for a Prince Tribute concert he was doing! As soon as we stepped into the venue, my girl Celeste turned into a dancing machine and took over the floor…ALL NIGHT LONG YA’LL!! GO CELESTE!! He ROCKED BB King’s which was a perfect start to the weekend!  Saturday, we decided to take it easy, drank some VySyn Sangria and took in the sights of the Bronx! On Sunday, even though a gloomy rainy day, we headed down to the Village; had a bite to eat and met up with Julian at “CLUB GROOVE!” then head over to “CAFÉ WHA” where the crowd was live and the band was hot! We stayed until midnight where my peoples wished me a happy birthday and then off we went into the night!!

Big shout outs to those that showed their love: CELESTE CANNATA; JULIAN [of ‘Julian’s Ride’]; KASHAN FIELDS; SAMUEL JENNINGS; SHARON IFE CHARLES; ELIZABETH DELMONTE;KELLY THOMAS; TIMMY; SHARLENE DAVIS; DENNIS SLOAN [Synchronized Rhythm Security]; NIKKI; EEINNA BRIGHTON-AKERS (thank you so much for the introduction to Jermaine) & ABAYOMI BABATUNDE!!

As 2010 comes to a close for Synchronized Rhythm, the Synch Ladies are planning to take off with new opportunities for 2011! We’re going to crack the whip and move onward and upward to bigger and greater things! Watch closely or you just might miss us!