August 23, 2010


The Synch ladies embarked on a superb dance performance of grace and beauty at the Joyce Theater the evening of August 12th; featuring two distinct choreographic pieces of modern dance by the Kate Weare Company and Monica Bill Barnes & Company.

The evening commenced with a powerful performance from The Kate Weare Company; as there was clearly a hush amongst the audience as the live musicianship of the bluegrass band, The Crooked Jades, and dancers took the stage! With superb execution and eclectic movements that invoked deep seeded emotions, it is a clear indication that the passionate story Kate Weare proceeded to display had a sense of despair and happiness; leaving one, if not all, tingly within! We look forward to the premiere performance of Kate’s new piece entitled, “Bright Land!”  For more info visit,

After witnessing the compelling choreography from the Kate Weare Company, we were welcomed with a brightly lit, confetti filled stage as the funk music of James Brown pulsated from the speakers and echoed throughout The Joyce Theater as Monica Bills Barnes & Company began their piece entitled, “Another Parade!” The animated exchange of the dancers to the audience was indeed a sight to see! With a little bit of enticingly funny skin displays, their comedic stylings left the crowd holding their stomachs in laughter; with an invitation from select audience members to partake in a little shimmying. HILARIOUS!  For more info visit,

We encourage all to check upcoming performances from both companies. You won’t be disappointed!!