August 11, 2010


Friday, July 30th, SR’s Caprice embarked on yet another musical adventure this summer at Lincoln Center Out of Doors free concert series; featuring the beautiful, NONA HENDRYX!! 

Still reeling and in daze, I will get to Nona in a minute cause I got lots to say about the Queen of Funk!!  But first a brief stint on the opening act:  Nicholas Leichter Dance Company with Monstah Black!  Adorned in ‘flash and flair’ with mind-boggling glittered stiletto heels (YA’LL BETTA WORK) and elaborate costumes, the dancers created their own interpretive choreographic pieces which incorporated songs from the infamous hit movie, THE WIZ!  BUT…it had nothing at all to do with the movie!  They switched and flipped the script and the title to read,’ THE WHIZ’ in all it’s fierceness!  It felt like a fusion of being at a small theater production and an underground house club!  The crowd (thoroughly entertained) grooved to songs from the club scene and from the movie; as the dancers (with many talents I might add) sang over tracks (as well as acapella) with strong, haunting vocals!  Definitely an entertaining bunch that’s a must see!

NOW…the main attraction!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Okay…I had to get that scream out of the way!  I’m sorry ya’ll, you’re gonna have to forgive me if I ramble on and on but HELL…I’m STILL dazed!  Seeing Nona was like seeing Michael Jackson for the first time and lawd knows EVERYBODY knows what a big fan I am of his!! 

NOW!  Ya’ll ready?  Here I go…She appeared out of nowhere in the crowd adorned in a shapely coiffed afro and her famous audio tutu looking as if she never aged one damn bit (and I want to be like her when I grow up dammit)!!  I thought I was about to lose my mind!!  OMG…it’s her!!  *jumps up and runs to get close*  She walked right passed me and smiled (yes, I was in complete groupie mode along with the rest that ran up to greet her and I think I fainted for a second but never hit the floor)!  Though I’m sure you can agree that she is an all out Diva, she did not encompass the ego trippin arrogance that some display as she greeted the audience with smiles, kisses and warm handshakes as she made her way backstage to prepare for her set!!  Finally, lights go up and the band appeared and there Nona was in all her glory and!  Because of the daze I was in, I cannot remember all those the songs sang but I’m here to tell you, regardless of my memory loss, she commanded attention on each one and all we could do was listen attentively!  One song that did stand out amongst the many (because all of them did) was “Transformation!”  At the request of Nona who stated, ‘New York…you’re scaring me.  You’re still in your seats!  Ain’t nothing wrong with a little booty shakin’ and this is where the crowd jetted to the front of the stage (including myself) to commence in shaking our booties!  She even posed for a picture for me!!  AWESOME!!  Listening to Nona’s strong and enticing vocal-alities (yes, I made that word up to emphasis) that echoed through the air was vividly SURREAL; and captured the true essence of a seasoned performer!! 

Let me take a sidebar and explain her background; which consisted of:  Ki Ki Hawkins, Don “Day” Hornegay and Keith Fluitt!  All three are amazing vocalists in their own right and the harmonies that exuded through their mouths were nothing short of fantabulous!!  THEY…TORE…IT…DOWN…as truly backups should!  Ki Ki shimmied & swooned…Day crooned & rocked it out and Keith “oh my” BELTED!  Geez Louise!!  Me being a singer myself, I have to bow down to them and pray one day I can display the same vocal strength as they do!!  I believe they were one of the BEST background vocalists I’ve seen in all my years!! 

This set was not long enough for such an artist but I take what I can get when I can get it; and Nona surely took the Damrosch Park by storm!!  And if she returns, you best believe I will be right there in the front row!