July 31, 2010


Sing it with us…’Hot fun in the summertiiiiiime!’ YES!! We can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had at our 3rd anniversary celebration, but of course, you know we gonna tell you what you missed!! The unexpected showed up…unexpectedly! Even through the hotness that blanketed the Big Apple, the support of our friends and family didn’t stop them from coming in to fill the venue to check out our featured band of the evening, SANKOFA SOULZ! And you know with these brothers, it turned into an all out Heatwave!!

With the drinks & food flowin’ and the A/C pumpin’, SANKOFA SOULZ kicked off their set with a revolutionary statement as the undisputed warrior and band leader, TUTTY AMIN, questioned slavery STILL being alive and stripped away that theory (literally); replacing it with the promise of reaching a better plateau as a people! They brought forth their irrevocable style of infectious rhythms that they have been bringing to the masses since their birth as a band! Their energy burst through the venue as song after song can be heard spilling out into the streets of Harlem! And with one of their infamous hits, “FEELIN ALRIGHT” the crowd sang along; including the Synch Ladies as we were all damn sure feeling AL-RIGHT-IGHT-IGHT-IGHT!!

The promised jam session that was to occur didn’t go exactly as planned, but all in all…the band’s energy made up for that and could not stop the fiyah pulsating throughout the venue as only SANKOFA can do; ending with one of their infamous covers, “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” which we believe has become the ‘official’ Synch Ladies anthem!!

We humbly thank SANKOFA SOULZ; ABDEL & THE SHRINE FAMILY for helping us make this anniversary (as well as all that came before) a magical and unforgettable one. For all those that continue to support Synchronized Rhythm through our journey; whether physically or spiritually…we give THANKS and blessings to: Sharlene Davis, Charles Daniels, Rachael Samuel, Dennis Sloan, Contro’Versy, Leslie Casey, Pamela Landgvreud, Marko and Melissa Nobles of INJOY Enterprises LLC, Ernest Diaz, Detrel Howell & Pamela Nichols of ONUTSS, N’Tirzah Al Rephaim, Almond Joy, Abigail Ekue, Andrew Boyd, Pastry Chef Danielle Moore of ANNIE MAE’S CHEESECAKES & MOORE, Kashan Fields, Tantra Zawadi, Kashan Fields, Samuel Jennings, Ann Marie Collymore, Kali Tenee Monroe, Celeste Cannata, Sharmina Ellis, King Dhakir, Raine Torae, Stokely Williams, Elizabeth Delmonte, Joe Riley Land, Meliane Cabo, Silawn Lewis, Harold Payne Jr., LaDonna Burns, Liynaa Anesha, Tai Allen, Lorrie Irby Jackson, William Edward Anderson, and many many more! We could go on and on, but if you weren’t mentioned here, we want you to know that you are in our hearts always. Your light is amongst us and we are blessed to have you in our corner!