March 30, 2010

Erotic Sexploration

The Synch Ladies kicked off a series of art erotica festivities this past weekend with a little bit of baking.

We simply had to check out Erotic Cookie Academy class hosted by patisserie extraordinaire, Danielle Moore of Annie Mae’s Cheesecake & Moore. As most of you know, she was one of the featured guests of the March edition of the Synch Chronicles music/spoken word series. She dazzled the audience with her confectionary treats—cookies and cupcakes, oh my!

The Erotic Cookie Academy series is one of many classes that she hosts for kids, emerging bakers or those who simply want to indulge.

We walked into the class Friday night and were not prepared on what to expect—only allowing our imaginations to freely lead us! Ms. Moore has a strong following of students whom are professionals of varied backgrounds that come together to enjoy some baking with added spice while letting the inner freak out for the night!

The hilarity ensues as Danielle calls the class to order with giggles from yours truly echoing throughout the room. After she instructs us on how to make your very own perfect erotic cookie, all of a sudden the room goes completely silent. Everyone is seriously serious about their project—to make the best erotic cookie EVER (ha!). People darting and dashing from one end of the table to the other seeking out the perfect decoration, fondant color, cookie cutter, etc….sheer madness!! And at the same time, people were admiring each others creations as they unfolded, sharing plenty of laughs, snacking on some treats and having a great time! In the end the SR creations were far from erotic but were very pretty if we do say so ourselves. What a fab-u-lous experience!!

This was our first time and most certainly won’t be our last. We will make our reappearance again and again and again and again ;-)

Pics Courtesy of Danielle Moore

For more information on her future classes join her Facebook page and visit the company website at www.Anniemaescheesecakes.Com.

Pics Courtesy of Danielle Moore

As we continued our art erotica theme, we stopped at the Museum of Sex on Fifth Ave. We had an opportunity to check out the current installations—Action Sex and the Moving Image; Spotlight; Sex Lives of Robots; and Rubbers-the Life History and Struggle of the Condom.

As soon as you walked in you are greeted with adult toys and other novelty items, and plenty of literature for those who need reference material *wink* We got our tickets, entered the main gallery and were immediately hit with great visuals of SEX…SEX…SEX from the wall of condoms, the used condoms encased in a cube (don’t ask…ewww), the motorized condom mobile and the condom dress (it was badass!) to the dildo machinery by innovative entrepreneurs (mostly from Minnesota…lol) that makes you ponder purchasing one for yourself, the more serious imagery of the unfortunate suffering from venereal diseases before we were a medically advanced society, salacious sex acts in early 70’s flicks, underground explicit photos before the porn genre ever existed and life sized gratification dummies ready to be spanked. What an eye opener!! LOL

This museum is a must see—it is raw, tasteful, educational and really arousing! Do indulge!!

For more information on museum hours and related info, visit


Special Note: We were initially scheduled to attend the Love Yourself Annual Expo however due to a family loss this event was cancelled. The Synch Ladies sends our sincere condolences to the Sujeiry Gonzalez, CEO of Lovemionline, and her family. Please support Sujeiry in her time of need. For more information about her company, visit