January 18, 2010

SR *Heart* FWL

Zaki Ibrahim, Singer + Songwriter :: 120 Seconds from friendswelove.com on Vimeo.

Friends We Love (FWL) is an amazing video blog that showcases talented artists, celebrities and professionals as a way to motivate others like ourselves to grasp hold to a dream and fulfill it! This site was conceived by filmmaker Mike Vargas and multi-media artist Moni Pineda. FWL's mission is to produce dynamic online content that documents the creative process of artists and inspires dialogue and self-expression through a global online community. SWEET! Synchronized Rhythm loves getting FWL updates--each new 120 minute video and initiative serves to be an inspiration!

Visit Mike, Moni and the rest of the FWL team @ friendswelove.com. In the meantime, check the latest FWL 120 second video featuring Zaki Ibrahim--a gifted singer/songwriter hailing from South Africa by-way-of Toronto.