October 25, 2009

Music To Need...To Want...Just Gotta Have....Part 1

We are music lovers of all types...its clear from our monthly series, special events and other events that we have collaborated on. Music is emotionally driven and drives us all simultaneously....that's extremely powerful. When music newness comes to fruition, we have to share with the masses from time to time....

"SOULACOASTER" - Soulpersona

Exclusive release from Digisoul featuring a fierce range of vocalists and a killer production!

Check a sample to quench your thirst on Myspace.

Be sure to purchase @ http://www.digisoul.co.uk/

"ANGUISH, LOVE & ROMANCE" - The New Congress

We had the absolute pleasure of a listening party @ our first VIRGO Edition of the Synch Chronicles (Thanks Russ). As long standing fans of TNC, we knew this forthcoming release will be fresh ta death! And it is...You can purchase their first single, "Anguish, Love & Romance feat Talib Kweli" on ITUNES.

Stay locked on this soon-to-be released newness at their website @ http://thenewcongress.com/