October 10, 2009

Book Review: "Act Like A Lady...Think Like a Man"

"Act Like A Lady...Think Like a Man" by Steve Harvey, 2009

Steve Harvey gives a serious dose of truthism with a side of realism and a hefty helping of “woman look in the mirror”. You might not be a fan of his comedy or his shows or maybe think he is one of those straight hustlers writing this self help book to get some dough—whatever you might think of him is irrelevant! His book is dead on and one that should be consumed once and several times more. For those women with a level head resting on their shoulders and think that they know it all, you shouldn’t read this book b/c clearly you already have that man of your dreams, kick ass job and, in short, you are the creator/author/regulator of your destiny. For the rest of us, who need a voice of wisdom and, some face time with reality and truth, well this book is a must read. I learned so much from Mr. Harvey that I wished I learned from my father years ago, growing up around successful, strong and independent women gave you one side of the coin and we as women, to be whole and to be fair to the men in our futures, we need to see and hear the other side. I had some confirmations and realizations while reading this book on how to be the woman that knows what she wants in a healthy relationship, to succeed at maintaining one, nurturing it and, most importantly, being a strong partner alongside her man. He noted key ingredients to this healthy stew of love. In my current relationships, although there are some unavoidable external barriers, I realized that my current love relationship is on the right track and, as well, I am on the right track to getting that “date” and that official partnership that I long for in my venture for happiness.

To the men who read this review and think this book is garbage, well I do respect that we can agree to disagree—your opinion is your opinion but I have to ask you this have you read this book? If not then before you cast judgment and overlook Steve’s words as simply another somebody telling lies to women read the book! After doing so, you are free to your heart’s content to voice your judgment. Feel free to tell me that what he says in the chapter about men’s love versus women’s definition of love being different is a bunch of crap or the chapter about the fundamental reasons why men cheat is hogwash!

Clearly Steve has a fan base whom needed to hear his advice on relationships but as a women not from that flock I picked up his book, read it, digested it and have a new found respect for the invaluable knowledge that he has shared with women who desperately needed to hear what they are doing right, wrong and not doing and should.