September 22, 2009


What a super-sonically electric evening at the Shrine World Music Venue, September 12th, for PART TWO of a Special Edition of, THE SYNCH CHRONICLES, honoring the lady of the evening, co-founder, Caprice STARBRITE Todmann in celebration of her born-day. It was mind-boggling to say the least how undeniably smooth everything progressed for the evening; as we introduced some impressive artists: the unbelievable spoken word style of ERIC CROW DRAVEN and the soulful hypnotic sounds of SOUL UNDERSTATED.

ERIC “CROW “DRAVEN, new to the Synchronized Rhythm family, hit the stage and it was evident from first meeting him why the Synch Ladies asked him to be a part of the CHRONICLES in the first place. He began with poem which has now become one of Caprice’s “new” favorites and most definitely a crowd pleaser amongst the women in attendance entitled, “Seduced (the greater the penis, the greater the responsibility) featured in his latest book release, “SINNING ON MY WAY TO CHURCH!” It then became more personal as ERIC expressed his personal obstacles of hardships of family, life and love; as if he was speaking directly to us; having endured the same pain in some form or fashion.

Wanting Eric to go…ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON (little Mint Condition for you…couldn’t resist….hehe), our excitement elevated once SOUL UNDERSTATED graced the stage with their presence. Mavis SWAN Poole’s incredible range was reminiscent of the great songstresses from yesteryear as the band injected those soul rhythms into our veins with their incomparable musicianship. With elements of jazz, gospel, hip hop and soul emanating through their songs, SOUL UNDERSTATED delivered a hypnotic flow of music that would make you want to sit back and contemplate life situations with a glass of wine (preferably White Merlot)!

Continuing to bask in the glow of what has been brought forth; the rivers of artistry continued to flow with the second “gift” from the beautiful and spirited sister, N’TIRZAH, who blessed us once again with song; looking fierce and serenading the crowd of a King and Queen’s union; becoming one within the pleasures of love!! What came next was a treat within itself!! Synchronized Rhythm security, DENNIS SLOAN, is a talented poet but refused to share it with the world as we consistently badgered him to perform! In celebration of Miss Caprice’s birthday, he gave in and recited one of his famous poems which we KNEW would be well received from the audience! Of course at this point, Miss Caprice was completely at a lost for words and became emotional from all the love and surprises received; and of course, it almost became a domino effect…one person starts and then everyone begins to get emotional; you know how that goes (LMAO)!

New and old faces came through to the celebration, which illuminated throughout the evening and we couldn’t have been more pleased to see them!! Marko Nobles…one of our dearest and closet friends; fellow promoter, photographer and writer, Ms. Abigail Ekue-Smith; International Hip Hop Diva, lil sis, and featured CHRONICLES performer, Contro’Versy, who shows persistent support of what we do; and last but certainly not least, the many Synchronized Rhythm supporters (Samuel, Ife, Rachael, Joy, Liz and Sharlene {Caprice’s Mom}) who have been with us since day one and couldn’t continue without their love! And of course, we cannot forget the consistent patronage of the Shrine staff.

The idea of bringing positive energy and good vibes into a forum where the unknown artist can showcase their talents to tantalize the creative soul is our main objective! We think in the time spent doing this series, we’ve more than succeeded in bringing this to the masses; and will never forget what an awesome evening it turned out to be for our TWO PART Special Edition. We ain’t gonna stop til the fat lady sings (or until one of the co-founder’s of Synchronized Rhythm does-LOL) and even then, there will be no way we could end this reign of ours! We have only just begun!!!!