September 8, 2009

MJ Block Party in Prospect Park!

Saturday, August 29th, the Synchronized Rhythm ladies along with close friend & International Hip Hop Diva, Contro’Versy, rejoiced with thousands of supporters celebrating the late King of Pop’s 51st birthday in the heart of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park; hosted and created by film legend Spike Lee. There were special appearances by Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz; activist, Al Sharpton; comedian, Tracy Morgan, Hip Hop celebrity; Dr. Dre of the Ed Lover & Dr Dre duo, just to name a few. The music of MJ spiraled through the crowd hit after hit; from when he was just a mere boy with his brothers to his solo career as the crowd rejoiced through each and every song …singing at the top of our lungs…dancing til we couldn’t get enough; as balloons danced through the air with impersonators paying homage to Michael Jackson and his legacy.

But the highlight of it all was walking into the party with our specialty made MJ t-shirts made by the ever-so talented, Pilar Newton (

tees2.html)! The paparazzi was in full swing as people stopped to take pics of us! Even a little girl came running up to us as we were leaving the festivities. The sadness in her eyes was heavily displayed when we told her these were made for us and the shirts couldn't be bought at the party. If you could only see the disappointment in her eyes! It broke our hearts.

Anywhoo…with the threat of potential downpours forecast for the day, a sprinkle came upon us which we would assume were the happiness of tears from Michael up above and then the sun broke through the clouds as we continued to celebrate! As it was notably mentioned, we saw Michael’s wings in the form of a butterfly pass over the crowd so we know his presence was felt!