August 27, 2009


The atmosphere in Shrine World Music Venue was filled with an abundance of love as the planets cosmically aligned with positive vibes as the Synch Ladies kicked off the Two-Part celebration of their shared astrological sign Virgo (the BEST sign haha! Word!). But this wasn’t the “typical monthly series” that we’ve showcased in previous months. We had an outstanding double header showcasing multi-dimensional entertainment - featuring, KASHAN FIELDS and his prolific spoken word side, and the funk-nasty soulful rhythms of, TUT BURKS & SANKOFA SOULZ, along with a few surprises all for the lady of honor, co founder, CHANTE RAMSEY – commemorating her birthday!

The crowd was treated to the official debut to Kashan’s poetic genius as he confronted the political ideologies, hatred in society, the complications of love and his own self realizations and traumatic experiences. He peeled the layers of his soul with every word spoken. At times, we were all caught up in the raw emotion that the crowd was hushed in anticipation of what this brother was about to say next. Some were gaped mouthed and others were urging him to speak his truths like we were in church hearing the best sermon in the world! It was truly an honor for us to have this opportunity once again to present Kashan Fields to the masses as an artist that is not just simply soulful but one who has a deep soul to be shared.

After Kashan exited and the crowd finally breathed in awe of his performance, Tut Burks and his unbelievable band, Sankofa Soulz, hit the stage with rhythmic grooves and eventually had everyone on their feet dancing the night away at the end of their set. The Synch Ladies need to explain something about Tut Burks. His spirit is incredibly genuine and inviting to all who is around him. This “southern boy” is so well in-tuned with his creative spirit that it permeates into your own soul and you could not help but to shout, clap and get live the moment his band plays the very first note. What we all witnessed from Tut and Sankofa Soulz is something that words nor a video can capture—you just had to be there to see guest vocalist, Melanie, sing her butt off (she ripped Estelle’s hit “American Boy” to perfection!); Tut pulling vocalists from the audience onto the stage to perform with the band the classic old school fav “Ain’t No Stoppin Us Now”. This artist made their debut CD release come ALIVE!

What came next after all of that were special gifts to the birthday girl—one which was really a treat to both of the Synch ladies and the other was a complete surprise! N’Tirzah, vocalist and newest member of the Synchronized Rhythm family, brought the event to another level with her tribute to the uplifting of others and ourselves—something that we all need to inspire us each and every day. This petite woman with this abundant voice of strength was a blessed addition to this event. We thank her so very much for giving us this gift of song! When co-founder, Chante, thought it was over she was in for a real surprise—Caprice Todmann, grabbed the mic and began to sing. This wasn’t a simple song—this was the very first time that Caprice would perform a song that she created, conceptualized and arranged as a solo artist. This called for a box of Kleenex! To see her sing her song about overcoming adversity (SHINE!!) and friendship that withstands the test of time, left everyone especially the birthday girl speechless and tongue-tied.

This night was like no other of this series! We are in a moment of celebrating our new year on this earth, giving thanks to our support systems, valuing ourselves and appreciating our gifts. Special thanks for making this event a success goes to the artists for performing 110-thousandth percent, supporters for being there and blessing us and the artists with their energy and to the new invaluable connections that we made that night. As always, we humbly appreciate the family at the Shrine World Music Venue for allowing us to host our series each month at our second home!