May 20, 2009



The microphone will be split in two at this edition of THE SYNCH CHRONICLES, as the Synch Ladies feature the beautifully talented BLESS ROXWELL, who will rock the mic with her razor sharp rhymes on Saturday, June 13, 2009 at Shrine World Music Venue.

Born and bred in Boston and later moving to Brooklyn, BLESS ROXWELL has been moving the crowd with her magnetic style and undeniable creative genius for years.  Recalling the early memories of when she became enamored with hip hop, BLESS explains, "My older brother was writing rhymes, performing and recording.  So, as a little one, I wasn't just listening to all the classics that helped shape the game, but experiencing the creative process behind them as well."  Soon after, she began expressing herself through writing and reading poetry and short stories; later discovering a talent for writing rhymes.  Diving into the game with both feet on the ground, BLESS began performing at various venues in the Big Apple from S.O.B’s to Joe’s Pub; working with equally talented artists such as, Maya Azucena and Jeymes Samuels; performing at critically acclaimed industry events such as, Can a Sista Rock the Mic Festival in NYC.  In 2002, she released her debut EP “Believe-In” – a true testament of her first few years grinding as a hip hop artist.  In 2005, she released her full-length project “8.2-3.95" which garnered incomparable praise from die-hard & hard-to-please hip hop fans; featuring such hypnotic tracks like, "Bedtime Story", and the sultry "Human", featuring international recording artist Santessa.  Her project caught the attention of Blackout Ink Records, which re-released the project and developed an innovatively new alliance.  In 2008, Bless released her third release entitled “Evolutions” produced by beat-wizard, Ayatollah, which featured newcomer, MFutures on a few tracks.  She is also executive producer on a music project with Lin Que.  When not performing and not in the studio, BLESS writes for her weekly blog site, “She’s So Fresh”, which profiles female MCs.

The Synch Ladies are giddy like two kids in the playground at this edition of THE SYNCH CHRONICLES, and know you will be too!!