February 24, 2013

PSA: Harlem's Reaction to the Harlem Shake....STOP!

"That's Not the Harlem Shake" is the sentiment expressed by those interviewed on the streets of harlem in this latest video about the dance phenomena. 

How soon do people forget that the Harlem shake originated years ago and does not resemble this current dance craze that we are witnessing (over and over and over...please stop...and over again...stop). The original Harlem shake had a breakthrough style of its own so when people broke into the shake it was indescribable and hypnotically rhythmic. 

The version that people are cloning nowadays is downright laughable - a complete joke - as well as disrespectful to the original version. I wouldn't be so offended if the originator of this mockery copy used an ounce of God-given creativity and simply called it something else like the zombie shizzle (lol).

America...stop the madness and cease the debauchery!