February 3, 2013

KIM COLES "..But Wait There's More" One Woman Show - NYC DEBUT

This past Friday, Brooklyn (and NYC for that matter) stood up for stand up comedienne/actress, Kim Coles, on the New York City opening night of her one-woman show "....But Wait There's More". 

The show chronicled the life of the actress and funny lady from cradle to the walking example of inspiration that we saw before us. 

This was my first time, and certainly not my last time, seeing her perform and I was truly in awe at how hilariously witty this woman was. Her zaniness is natural and all-Kim. She is so much more than her characters that she played during her stint on "In Living Color", "Frazier" and her role as Sinclair on the still highly revered show "Living Single". 

This one-woman show dazzles, brings you into her inner circle and to that place where she & many find themselves in at one point of one's life - sheer loneliness & despair. And most importantly, her show serves to leave you inspired regardless of where you are in your life's journey. 

In "....But Wait There's More", she takes her highs & lows to create a memorable and refreshing gem and something I know that I needed to witness. 

Brava to Kim for revealing so much of her personal life to bring us the first phase of her life with many more years go!


SIDENOTE: Unless I'm the event photographer at a show, I'm totally against capturing artists on stage behind the lens - you often miss something b/c you are too busy worrying about your settings, lighting etc. BUT I made an exception for Ms Kim! At the end of her performance, she surprised us and returned onstage for an encore.