January 21, 2013

[VIDEO] Dawn Richard "86"

It's not about year or homage to a decade, this song is about being on the cusp of a moment to take back your heart - in the name of love. That's what the song "86" and, recently released, the video by Dawn Richard is all about. 

Since she released the single last year, I wondered how the visuals for this angelic yet empowering song would look like. Dawn continues to astound me with her creative vision in her lyrics and in her videos. 

I've said before and will continue to say it...depth is everything and superficial is well..nothing! If you don't have me replaying your music or constantly watching your videos to "get" what the deeper meaning is then you've lost a potential fan. Plain and simple. 

Dawn is truly a gift and she shares it with the rest of us. Without further adieu here's "86"...can you figure out what each character, movement, lyric etc. means?

SideNote: Cop her debut cd "GoldenHeart" worldwide! for more info about where to purchase visit her official website.