August 9, 2012

EVENT: Pinot for Pink

Last night, I attended the "Pinot for Pink" event at the hosted by Caitlin Heikkila, a fellow blogger of all things Brooklyn. 

The event was in memory of her grandmother who lost her battle against cancer as well as others who succumbed to the disease or continue to fight against the odds.  This Fall, Caitlin will be running the NYC Marathon to raise money for a nonprofit organization called The Pink Agenda, that is committed to raising funding for breast cancer care, research and awareness of this disease. I simply couldn't resist supporting Caitlin's determination and passion for this worthy cause as I have also lost members of my family, including my mother in 2005, to this disease.

It was an amazing night seeing Caitlin (its been awhile!), meeting new faces and tempting fate at the silent auction of local goodies (e.g., Seersucker, Arthur on Smith, home made). The evening was filled with random chatting amongst strangers and friends while everyone sipped on the best libation offerings at the Brooklyn Winery (the Rose was amazing!). We were also fortunate to squeeze in a tour of the winery on how the delicious wine is made - Brooklyn Style. 

If you wish to support Caitlin's fundraising campaign, check out her site. Also be sure to subscribe to her blog for some cool ideas on things-to-do-in-Brooklyn.