May 12, 2012

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Saskia de Vries Designs

Bracelets Made of Recycled Cassette Tapes from Africa
Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
Recently, I was introduced to the intriguing jewels by Saskia de Vries Designs at the Dekalb Market (my second home).

Saskia says of her inspiration to make such art, "Four years ago, in a street market circling the Jokung Monastery in Lhasa, Tibet, the seeds of Saskia de Vries Designs were sown. In the midst of a year-long journey across Asia, I was inspired by the beauty of the crafts to learn how to make them myself. It began with a Tibetan knot in that small corner stand, which lead to a secret Turquoise market known only to locals. Soon I was trading knots with children on the beaches of Cambodia and buying stones from the traders in Katmandu. In the backstreets of Delhi I bought enough beads to fill a camping backpack." 

The artistry of each piece is quite striking and unique! From the bold colors to the creative origin of their birth, you an see why I couldn't leave her store without purchasing. Be sure to stop by her shop at the Dekalb Market this season as well as other pop up markets across the city!