March 23, 2012

ARTS PROJECTS WE LOVE: "AFROS" - 'A Celebration Of Natural Hair'

We are NOT defined by our hair but we have to admit that we love the beauty of each strand and how it contributes to our individuality. Hair, like the texture of our clothes, the shoes that we wear or the bangles and other ethnic accessories that we choose to wear, all combine to create our unique style. The hair-raising art book entitled "AFROS: The Celebration of Natural Hair" by noted photographer, Michael July, is an artistic expression of the whimsical style that our hair beholds!

This is a book that captures the spirit and essence of the Afro today as well as paying homage to the historic significance of natural hair iconic voyagers like Angela Davis, Jimi Hendrix and others. Over the course of a five year period photographer Michael July approached a wide variety of beautiful, creative and intelligent individuals from all walks of life and asked them would they be willing to participate as subject models. Traveling all across the United States from New York to California he was able to capture people of virtually every shade, ethnicity, country and age group. The intent of this book is pictorially show the power, beauty and glorious nature of the 'Fro and also to document in words the depth of the "hairstory" of each of its models. The author shot the majority of these individuals at his photo studio in Brooklyn using colorful & vibrant backdrops personally tailored to each model's own sense of style and fashion. As a result he succeeded, along with the assistance of two remarkably talented book designers, Darhil Crooks & Monica Whittick in creating a coffee table book that will have massive international appeal for many years to come.

To support this project, please visit the pledge page on kickstarter.