January 15, 2012

Grape Juice for the Grown

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VysynPhotography
If you know us then you know that the Synch Ladies are wine aficionados - whites, reds, blushes, sake, you name it and we've tried it. But for those times when a buzz after a taste of a grape or rice based wine is not warranted, needed or desired, I highly recommend grape juice. Now I know you are like uh Chante I've had grape juice before but I beg to differ. That sugar induced and heavily mixed with other non grape "juices" that are sold on a shelf and masks itself as grape juice that you have been sipping on since you were a kid is not what I call pure grape juice. Nay I say! Walk with me...

Last week I ordered two bottles of grape juice from a farm in Virginia and will NEVER drink grape juice sold in a grocery store. Period. I copped one white (Seyval Blanc) and the red grape (Chambourcin) juice from Oakencroft Farm, based in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the bottles are now empty! The only thing that comes close to describing the taste is wine (obviously) but sweeter and without the fermentation process of wine grapes go. This grape juice embodies all that is good of a wine b/c the truth of its authenticity is in the science in which the grapes was chosen. Truthfully speaking I was (and still am) thisclose to visiting the farm to see them pick the grapes, refrigerate and bottle it up.

Please order a bottle (or two....pick me up a red while you are at it)