January 7, 2012

Cinema: "Into the Abyss" - Directed by Werner Herzog

The death penalty is a volatile topic. You have those whom think that capital punishment is a justifiable recourse to solving society's criminal woes while the rest of us (myself included) that think that no one has the right to take another person's life period. The "Into the Abyss" Director and advocate against capital punishment, Werner Herzog, focuses on telling the stories of convicted murders on death row as well the mental effects of execution process with q&a's with prison officers. His approach isn't an effort to sway you to his direction but it was filmed with the intention to make you think about the consequences that capital punishment brings to our society (See Roger Ebert's editorial in the Chicago Sun Times) and the post effects on the prison staff who have endured being a party to each and every execution (since 1976, Texas ranks #1 with 477 executions and Virginia ranks #2 with 109). 

Check your local indie cinemas for show times!