December 18, 2011

EAR CANDY: Caprice Starbrite "NO MORE"

Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
Last week Tuesday, just in time for the holidays, Caprice Starbrite gave us a itty bitty taste from her Spring 2012 debut release with the single "No More". 

Caprice is no stranger to the music industry! Influenced by the greats such as Teena Maria, Michael Jackson, EWF and Phyllis Hyman, she honed her vocal skills and has been harmonizing as a background singer for over a decade. She has shared the stage with incredible artists including ZoZo Afrobeat, Dexter Myers, Coby Koehl, MiKA and countless others. Not only is she an amazing vocal talent, she is a professional dancer, a graphic artist and an entrepreneur as co-founder of Synchronized Rhythm (one half of the Synch Ladies duo!). 

Since we crossed paths a few years back and seeing her perform along side some bad artists that I've come to admire (...and not just for their raisin oatmeal cookies..ha! *sideye at Dexter*), I knew this day would come. The day when she would take that brave step onto the stage not as a backup singer or a hostess at one our Synch Rhythm shows but as a solo artist gracing the world with her voice, her lyrics, her unique sound. 

I don't like to confine artists into a music category - that, to me, confines their artistry when music is by definition boundless. So I think that what Caprice offers is something different and refreshing to the musically inclined. With "No More", you hear her rock fused with soul and funk influences. And that is what you can expect from her forthcoming release. 

So for now...sit back and enjoy then press replay!