August 24, 2011

Rest In Power....NICK ASHFORD

This past Monday, the music industry lost a musical icon, NICK ASHFORD, who's contributions were seemingly endless. The world knew him as one half of the powerful songwriting duo, ASHFORD & SIMPSON, who wrote the most unforgettable songs for notable artists (e.g., Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, just to name a few); while saving a few gems for themselves - including SR's Chante favorite love anthem "Solid" showing that their love, and the power of love is stronger than anything on the planet; as well as SR's Caprice favorite, "Is It Still Good To You" which brings about the wonder if that feeling that was felt so strongly once is still good.

A kind, devoted family man, husband & father, an aspiring dancer and a business man (co-owner of the Sugar Bar in Harlem); he will surely be missed; leaving a legacy of music that will forever be etched in our hearts!

We send heartfelt blessings, strength and prayers to Ms. Valerie Simpson, the Ashford family and their dear friends.