June 9, 2011


The Synch Ladies @ Bacchus Bistrot a Vins

This past Saturday, the Synch Ladies spent the day in downtown Brooklyn for the two day event, Atlantic Avenue ArtWalk; which allows artists and art enthusiasts to share and expose one another to varied expressions; even at discount prices for this special event.  From the galleries that opened its doors to the block parties sprouting up as DJs spin the classics to musical performances, there was so much to experience!

Provencale: Mussels in french tomato-herbed sauce @ Bacchus Bistrot a Vins

We popped into a few galleries, shopped for jewels and hand crafted bags, and feasted on delicious French food at Bacchus Bistrot a Vins (we opted for the scrumptious mussels...see picture above) and viewed artwork being created by artists and passerby's at the outdoor exhibits.

For SR's Chant√®, who is a Brooklynite, this was an amazing opportunity to see such an improvement of this former desolate area - bringing a bit of Manhattan to downtown Bk.  SR's Caprice, from the Bronx, definitely enjoyed the scene and will be back to this area...just because.

After the walk, the Synch ladies decided to catch a movie at BAM; choosing Woody Allen's new film "Midnight in Paris."  We realized we were familiar with the film and thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.  If you are a fan of Mr. Allen's work or even if you're not a fan, a hopeless romantic and/or a history buff, this flick is a must see!!  Go....see...it...now!  For a synopsis of this movie, check the trailer below!