June 26, 2011

Cultural Randomness: Erick Arc feat Flatbush Zoombies+MMNYC 2011

Hungry March Band @ the Highline (MMNY 2011)
Photo Credit: Chante Ramsey/VySyn Photography
Last weekend, the Synch ladies checked out one of our favorite artists, Erick Arc Elliott, at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe performing something old and new (from his latest release "Almost Remembered" which we know you've already downloaded..haha). During his set, the audience ballooned to a mob of fans who clung onto every verse (a beautiful thang!) which was perfect timing for introducing his crew of raw lyricists and childhood friends, the Flatbush Zoombies.

And SR's Chante joined in this past Tuesday's annual city-wide Make Music NY celebration of what else?? MUSIC! She along with a few hundred festival goers clogged 14th Street from 7th Avenue to 10th Avenue as sidewalks and streets were filled with vocalists belting their hearts out, DJ's spinning something yummy for the ears and a New Orleans-inspired processional led by Brooklyn's own Hungry March Band that jammed the Highline. It was crazy - crazy was all good!! And we know the fun meter was to up to the max that day b/c of the other events happening across the city - this is one of those times when a clone was sooooooo needed!