April 20, 2011

REVIEW: The Truth Speakers Project Series

The Synch Ladies witnessed spoken word and singing at it’s finest at ‘The Truth Speakers Project' event series last Thursday, April 14th at The Sanctuary in Brooklyn; experiencing a vast array of talented artists who spit words of wisdom to love to politics to singing about suicide.  

The Truth Speakers Project’ series is the product of SR colleague and multi-talented artist, "Tha Real" of ‘Untamed Talent’ who was a featured artist at our monthly event series, The Synch Chronicles.  ‘The Truth Speakers Project’ series gives artists a forum to let their voices be heard unapologetically on a vast array of subjects.  Though there are no restrictions with what can be spoken at these events, one slight incident occurred that was quickly rectified, but you know…the show WILL go on and that it did!

Also, making an “unofficial” solo debut in a special performance was SR's own, CAPRICE STARBRITE.  After her 20 year career in the music industry as a backup singer, she finally took to the mic; belting out two ‘original’ songs for the first time; ‘She Died For Love’ – a song about suicide, which was a collaborative piece originally set as a poem by ‘Tha Real’ and revamped into a song by Caprice; and ‘Shine’ - an uplifting funk-infused song that spoke of the positivity one feels when they finally get to that moment to believe in themselves again.  

To find out more about how you can speak YOUR truths, visit http://www.thetruthspeakersproject.com/