April 19, 2011

Its That Time of Year...Tribeca Film Fest 2k11

Indeed April is upon us, and the Tribeca Film Festival officially begins tomorrow (Wednesday, April 20th). We are psyched about this b/c there are quite a few films that we definitely want to indulge in. Our top three picks (there are so many so three is a good start..lol):

"Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest" - Directed by Micheal Rapaport, this film chronicles the rise of the legendary ATCQ. The film has its fair share of controversy with it not being supported by one-third of the group, QTip. This flick is sure to be an historic one not for the surrounding controversy but the hip hopstory that it tells.

"The Bully Project" - Directed by Lee Hirsch documents the an epidemic that has reached epic proportions. Don't get us wrong bullying has been a part of the lives of many but now it has gone viral and has become more brutual (from victims taking the lives of others to the bullying cutting short of the lives of their victims without remorse). We hope that this film will dig a little deeper into this issue rather than identify it as a problem that we already know exists.

"Mama Africa" - Directed by Mika Kaurismaki introduces the current generation as well as the fans of Mirim Makeba the artistry of this legendary artist who broke barriers and took risks with her own life to bring birth to five decades of powerful music. She's an inspiration!!!

There are soooo many more great films (including shorts) to be seen....Hope to see you at the fest!