September 6, 2010


Better late than never, is what we always say…so here we go!

Walking into Billie’s Black in Harlem, Friday, August 14th, you can tell by the crowd that it was a family affair indeed!  This was not only a chance to finally see Brown Baby Girl (comprised of Jamie Finegan and Lorenda Robinson) in action for the Synch Lades, but a chance to share in the musicalities with Lorenda Robinson’s family who came from out of town to hear her croon; and to also bid music aficionado, Anne Marie Collymore of ‘Soul Afrodisiac;’ a fond farewell; as she makes her way back home to Canada (sniff)!

With two sets slated for the evening, the first half was strictly for family (we the third cousins from the left cause that’s how we do); and because Miss Lorenda is just so sassy with it, she toned it down (just a tad) to make good-good for the family in attendance as the band grooved in unison showcasing perfect musicianship for the duo!  After the first set, family photos were taken, the chit to the chat commenced, and lots of hugs of goodbyes to the family were in session as the second set was about to be set off!! 

Strictly for the grown and sexy, the drinks began to flow, the aroma of southern food filled the air; and we were ready to let our hair down for some sneaky freaky fun; as fellow artists and friends filled Billie’s to capacity!  With the ability to bring the crowd into her world as if in a secret society, Lorenda belted with strong vocalities and had the room memorized by her smoky jazz stylings; while Jamie tickled the keys as if in a trance!  We were definitely feeling the groove they were putting down…ya dig!?  Towards the end of the set, vocalists from the crowd were invited to share their talents as the evening reached its climax!  Be sure to check out Brown Baby Girl at The Metropolitan Room, September 17th!  Check their website for more details:

During the climactic jam session, Miss Ann was called upon in the mist of it all to say a quick word!  Filled with much gratitude, she briefly expressed her love to all!  A well respected force in the independent music community, it is obvious that her journeys here in NYC were just the beginning and not an ending!  Rather than saying “goodbye”, we decided that this would be more of a “see you soon” because we all know Ann won’t be able to stay away too long from her NYC family!  We are all thankful for her appreciation to share her musical perspective with the masses; and judging by everyone who was in attendance, you can tell that she will continue being surrounded by lots of love!  For more info, visit Ann Marie Collymore at: