March 23, 2010

The Synch Chronicles in Review - TRIBUTE TO THE SISTARS!

The only way to describe, Saturday, March 20th at THE SYNCH CHRONICLES is...SURREAL (we overdosed on the red pill)! We are going to do our best to give you the skinny, but will almost guarantee it wouldn’t even cover the entirety of the evening; as we ushered in the first day of Spring and celebrated the beauty, strength and creativity of siSTARS; who exemplified the essence of womanhood eroticism; sultry don’t-stop-the-music feminism; and the hold-up-I-got-this lady in charge entrepreneurship.

So, without further’s how it went down...

New to the SHRINE stage but not to spoken word was our beautiful & talented friend, ALMOND JOY. She opened the crowd up to her tantalizing, tit-alating and ri-dick-ulously real brand of erotic spoken word; and little did she know (or us) how excited the crowd was with her flow. Spending a mere 5 to 10 minutes up on that stage sure as hell was not enough time for us or the crowd (and don’t appreciate being teased, Ms. Joy - LOL)--we all were screaming for more! But we know for a FACT, there will be more of her to come (all pun intended) if we have anything to with it! (clean up on aisle 3...where’s that damn towel!?)



After collecting ourselves from all the pleasurable anecdotes, Ms. Joy caressed us with; we didn’t give the crowd a chance to breathe as we quickly moved the show along to make way for a powerhouse vocalist , ADRIENNE FISHE a.k.a. MZ. FISHE with her all female band, 2D3 (with the addition of backup male vocalist, Kevin Gardner). We don’t think the audience was prepared for what blew through the amps from that stage! She eased the crowd in a little with an original song and her rendition of The Beatles hit, “Come Together”; breaking it down something fierce at the end of it. STOP RIGHT HERE NOW!! We have to warn you that this is just around the time shit got hectic!! If you so much as BLINKED, you noticed the crowd was on their feet; blocking aisles; dancing on tables; hanging from chandeliers (okay, no one danced on the tables or hung from any chandeliers, but you get the drift of our intensity, right? Moving on). MZ. FISHE continued her trance-like rhythms of original tunes and then suddenly came in with a remake of Prince’s “KISS” and lawd have mercy...the audience lost it!! Between the powerful vocals emanating from Mz. Fishe and her background vocalists, LaDonna Burns and Keven Gardner to the nasty-ass guitar riffs to the funky drum syncopation to the sick bass licks to the intensity of the keyboard and insanely sensuous blow of the sax, WE nor the crowd had a chance in hell of surviving the night, but we made it through and are thankfully able to tell the tale! (smile)


To give the evening a little more delectable-ocity (yes, we made that word up because we can), was another good friend of ours who graced us with her lovely presence (and we loves her swagger), PASTRY CHEF DANIELLE MOORE of “Annie Mae’s Cheesecakes & Moore.” Pastry Chef Danielle brought her tasty cookie samples in the shape of heels, compacts, nail polish, Gucci boots and lipsticks; along with yummy cupcakes (the red velvet was a crowd pleaser for sure) for the sweet tooth junkie in all of us. Pastry Chef Danielle offers cookie decorating workshops for kids and erotic cookie decorating workshops for adults at her Cookie Academy once a month, so be sure to come through at least once to experience this event.

With all that said, we have to admit that this was one of the BEST shows we’ve ever encountered of our monthly series and ain’t gone stop here (won’t stop...can’t stop). If you weren’t attendance for the “siSTARS edition”, you will for sure get another chance as we anticipate the April edition of THE SYNCH CHRONICLES to be even sicker and insane-r; and we ain’t givin’ no teasers for it either! Just be there! *wink*