March 7, 2010

Film Review: 2010 Academy Award-Nominated Short Films @ IFC

Synch Lady, Chante, took a trip to the Village yesterday to check the showing of the Oscar Nominated Live Action Short Films at the IFC theater--known for its diverse showing of indie films from across the world!!

When she arrived, the house was surprisingly packed and it was still early before the featured show was scheduled to begin (WOW). As most of you know the award ceremony is tonight and the weather yesterday was to perfection, so it wasn't really no surprise at all! She copped a seat in the front and with popcorn in hand (no butter, of course), was ready for the show to commence!! :-)

The films were "KAVI" (USA/INDIA); "THE NEW TENANTS" (DENMARK/USA); "MIRACLE FISH" (AUSTRALIA); "THE DOOR" (IRELAND); AND "INSTEAD OF ABRACADABRA" (SWEDEN). Each film offered something special to this genre. Bringing you to tears in laughter or sorrow, these were absolutely amazing and a must see.

Here's the skinny on the synopsis of each film:
KAVI – Kavi is a boy in India who wants to play cricket and go to school, but instead he is forced to work in a brick kiln as a modern-day slave. Unsatisfied with his fate, Kavi must either accept what he’s always been told, or fight for a different life even if he’s unsure of the ultimate outcome. (USA/INDIA, 19 min., Director: Gregg Helvey)

THE NEW TENANTS – A prying neighbour, a glassy-eyed drug dealer, and a husband brandishing both a weapon and a vendetta make up the welcome wagon. Set amidst the as-yet-unopened boxes and the hopes for a fresh start of two men on what might just be the worst moving day ever. Their new apartment reveals its terrifying history in a film that is by turns funny, frightening, and unexpectedly romantic. (Denmark/USA, 20 min., Director: Joachim Back)

MIRACLE FISH – 8-year-old Joe has a Birthday he will never forget. After friends tease him, he sneaks off to the sick bay, wishing everyone in the world would go away. He wakes up to find his dream may have become a reality. (Australia, 17 min., Director: Luke Doolan)

THE DOOR – A father attempts to come to terms with the devastating effects of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. (Ireland, 17 min., Director: Juanita Wilson)

INSTEAD OF ABRACADABRA – Tomas is a bit too old for still living at home with his parents, but his failure to become a magician leaves him with no other choice. His father Bengt wants him to get a proper job. On Bengt’s 60th birthday party Tomas give him, and all his guests, an quite bizarre show. (Sweden, 22 min., Director: Patrik Eklund)

CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE AT TO PURCHASE TICKETS (The films will be shown all day at the IFC through this Tuesday, March 9th)