March 21, 2010


The Synch Ladies introduce you to Meemee Nelzy thanks to DJ Come of Age for first introducing us to his equally talented sister :-)

Born in Paris and a native of the French Antilles. Meemee Nelzy passionate music is black American and Caribbean since childhood. Venturing a personal challenge to a teenager, she wrote her first texts in French a few years later in his dorm room in Toulouse and incorporates contemporary dance groups and hip hop. In 2001, the Urban Collective Soul, composed of soul singers and musicians from all walks she tries singing and reveals for the first time publicly his first compositions and his voice soft and warm.

Fortified with this wonderful experience, she returned to Guadeloupe in 2002 with the goal of becoming a solo artist and began learning beat making. The results soon became convincing, she decided now to meet artists from the island and gradually saw her work recognized by the underground scene of French hip hop.

Her influences from hip hop to jazz through the universe "blaxploitation" and Caribbean music she built a repertoire resolutely and soul-tinged hip hop. Her lyrics, deeply rooted in everyday reality, is a compendium of ideas where everyone can meet. This self determined, weaves its relations with many artistic collaborations "underground".

In 2009, she self-produced and publicly presents his first album entitled Soul "New Soul".

Song from the album "New Soul" from MeeMee NELZY (release late 2009) Director: Jean-luk "Slas" Stanislaw A / C: Meemee Nelzy / Meemee Nelzy - Dj Phone (mixed version)