February 12, 2010

Xpress YourSELF with Xpressians

Xpressians Clothing Line, created-birthed-visioned by Michelle Alerte, is more than just another apparel line that we are honored to support...Michelle describes it best as:

To me Xpressians is a reality check. It started as a thought inside the misery of working a job I hated. Going in everyday I was forced to ask myself, "Is this really where I want to be and what I want to be doing?" The answer, surprise, was no...or hell no! The truth is I love to create things and see them manifested in the world and clothing seemed to be the best way to do all this. I am proud of the clothes I create because they are all an Xpressian of me. They reflect my mood and my thoughts, who could ask for anything better? My only hope for those who shop Xpressians is that they find at least one thing...or 20 - 856,738,98'niner things, that they feel helps them get their point across. My clothes help me connect, they say, "I may not know you, but I know how you feel!!" So Xpress urself every minute, every hour, every day...


To purchase these and other tees as well as the entire Xpressians gallery at www.xpressians.com/

BTW::.....::She is not only an entrepreneur/designer--she is also a spoken word artist as well....you are gonna dig this vid!