February 7, 2010

The Magic of SOUL TRAIN

Yes we warned you last month about this long overdue documentary. Last night was a pivotal night for viewers who watched the history that SoulTrain made---most were in awe while others knew the very impact that this music show made at the time which spanned decades before succumbing to the rapid changes of the 90's.

Don C, as he is fondly called, was a music lover like us who made a business out of it--giving soul artists a platform, African American families a show to be proud of and place for dancers to express their talent. It was a Godsend! The Synch Ladies thank you Don!!

The documentary will re-air throughout the month (tonight at 6pm on VH1). We also thank VH1 Rock Docs for showing this historic event--when SoulTrain became a trend topic on Twitter, when the activity on Facebook/Myspace and other social networks came to a screeching halt! :-)

The dancing, music, business milestones made ripples in so many industries and lives.long live SoulTrain