February 6, 2010

Coming to a Playlist Near You....DRIIS!! *oh my*

This time was coming....we knew it but when? Driis' coming out is 2010--What a year this is turning out to be!?!! Driis, the musical alter-ego of actor Idris Elba (The Wire, Obsessed, American Gangster and the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Thor), releases High Class Problems [EP] on February 8th via his own label, Hevlar Recordings.

Check this man's music!! Simply Amazing! Hmmm we can see him performing for us at the Synch Chronicles...ummm just us though *wink*

Track list:
1. Best That I Can (Written by Driis, Produced by Vitamin D)
2. Please Be True (Written by Driis, Produced by Pete Rock & Driis)
3. Private Garden (Written by Driis, Produced by 9th Wonder)
4. Extraordinary Love (Written by Driis & Hanif Jainlett, Produced by Hanif Jainlett for Hevlar Recordings)
5. Absolutely (Written by Driis & The Klassix, Produced by The Klassix)