February 24, 2010


Inspirational and Uplifting with fat electro beats is a close to perfect way to describe the sound that pumps from my speakers as we croon to Rozzi Daime's debut release, "YES!". The Synch Ladies are long time fans of Rozzi and it was only in time that she would release her very own project. She has lent her vocals to other artists' projects including SA-RA and Shafiq Husayn giving fans a morsel of what was to come.

Her debut project is an ode to classic soulful house for you to groove to into the am, pm, day, night, highs and lows. We give props to Rozzi for stepping up on her own project with the same energy (and even more so) on this release. After hearing the first track, you will immediately say YES! to Rozzi and crave a lil more....

Check her music/happenings/upcoming shows at http://www.myspace.com/rozzidaime