February 13, 2010

ARTIST PROFILE: Monika Krzyzanska, Photographer

My goal is simple...to create images I love for people I adore.

NYC Based wedding photographer, Monika Krzyzanska, is doing just that! With the ability to capture the natural beauty, she has a way of freezing a couple's special moment that will last for a lifetime. She has a commendable gift that words fail to describe. Her portfolio showcases the wide range of her fierce repertoire in the wedding industry as well as the oddities of life - living - nature.

One of her clients, Julie and Wes Krygsman, beamed "Monika was more than a photographer at our wedding. She helped set the tone for the happiest day of our lives. Everyone in our wedding party loved working with her! She made us feel very at easy which created beautiful, natural looking pictures. It's no wonder that many of my friends have seen her at other weddings they've gone to. I would (and did) recommend her to everyone I know!"

The Synch ladies definitely love Monika's work and know you will too....check her website @ www.monikafoto.com. Be sure to contact her at 917.816.3959 or contact@monikafoto.com for her services pricing.