January 28, 2010


We know, we know…we were supposed to write the review for THE SYNCH CHRONICLES 2 weeks ago, but you know how life takes a hold of you and wrestles you to the ground without a cup!? Yea…like that! (LOL) But you know the saying…better late than never so here we are!! We’re gonna be brief in our descriptions because we feel the videos will speak for themselves.

Opening the show was a brotha that can command and demand your attention with the booming sound of his voice and gosh-darnit (yea, we make up words) he did just that! J. Steven Williams aka THA REAL came through with a vengeance as he took the audience through a portal; delivering jaw-dropping poetry with a mix of comedy just to lighten the mood a tad. Even amongst the heckling from a certain audience member, THA REAL was not swayed and kept his composure throughout it all. Now that’s class baby!!

Coming through from Maryland was NATIVE SON with his all female band, SONDAYZ , who brought some of that silky smooth music to the Shrine! NATIVE SON, one half of the performance hip hop duo, 5TH L, brought his talented skill of rhyme along with the lovely ladies of SONDAYZ…soothing the audience with their soulful anecdotes of the realisms of life, love coupled with inspirational dance. Always a good look, don’tcha think? Yea, we think so.

It was a pleasure to have worked with these two artists and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for accepting our invitation to perform. What does this mean to you?? It means you need to come through so as not to miss one nano second of THE SYNCH CHRONICLES in the future! Because simply put, you'll never know what the Synch Ladies have up their sleeves for the future...and we'll tell you now...you ain't seen nothing yet!

Damn, we love our job!! (smile)