February 6, 2010

(2/20/10) The Synch Chronicles Presents....JEREMY JAMES & MANDY LEMONS - STURGIS NIKIDES

Join the Synch ladies, Caprice & Chante, for a Rock & Soul edition of, THE SYNCH CHRONICLES, featuring the rhythmic grooves of vocalist/musician, JEREMY JAMES and the electrifying rock & blues stylings of, MANDY LEMONS & STURGIS NIKIDES, Saturday, February 20, 2010 at Shrine World Music Venue.

Jeremy James’ has an incredible sound – one that is forged of mellow electric grooves, caressed with some acoustic guitar – in a style that reminds us of classic Isley Brothers and Stevie Wonder at their sweet, sweet best! Often described as being a cross between Stevie Wonder and Seal, Jeremy’s voice seems to embrace both sides of this style equally – slightly raspy at some points, with an honest , organic quality, warm, strong, heartfelt songs, and passionate edgy vocals. “Vintage James surfaces when his virtuosity is given ample room to showcase itself.” (Another Deep Design). “I believe in writing songs that people can relate to. Armed with my guitar, I write about my experience and I love when I meet someone that is able to feel my thoughts within the music.” Jeremy's 10 track album entitled "FIRST TIME" is currently available on iTunes and Amazon. (www.JeremyJamesMusic.net, http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/for-you/id306791396)

Mandy Lemons with the artist and band, Sturgis Nikides, is one performance not to be missed! Mandy sings the blues, and her astonishing powerhouse voice with its mix of southern fried soul and distinctive blues phrasing makes her an instant cult favorite anywhere her music is played. You certainly wouldn't expect so much sound to come out of such a small figure, and you can clearly hear the influences of Koko Taylor, Etta James, Big Maybelle, and of course Janis Joplin. The blues scene is dominated by guitar totin' men, but Mandy easily stands her own, and can go toe to toe with the best of them. Her original songs are a mixture of blues and old school soul music, with lyrics reminiscent of her hard scrabble Texas upbringing. Born in North Texas, Ms. Lemons has lived in Houston, Montana, and for the last decade, New York City. Her landmark debut CD, 'Low Society', produced by Sturgis Nikides. Standout tracks include 'Good Thang', 'Texas Goodnight' and her treatment of the Etta James classic, 'I'd Rather Go Blind'.

Sturgis Nikides is a recording artist with a unique lyrical vision and a hybrid American blues/alt country/jam rock sound that shatters the genre barrier. No matter how it’s described, one thing everyone agrees on is he is New York City's "Best Kept Secret". Sturgis has had an impressive career as a guitarist, as a singer/songwriter, and as an aspiring producer. He began playing the guitar in 1965, after seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. He made his first professional appearance in 1969 and by the mid 70's he was lauded as one of the best guitarists in NYC's burgeoning underground punk rock explosion; playing sold out shows at Max's Kansas City as lead guitarist in the legendary Neon Leon Band and with his own groups, The Sharp, Manray and Thieves. He backed up German Chanteuse and former Velvet Underground vocalist Nico at the Squat Theater, with the Joe Bidewell Group, right down the street from the historic Chelsea Hotel. In 1979, thru the auspices of bandmate Bidewell, he aced an audition with John Cale, co-founder of the Velvet Underground and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With a number of momentous performances with other gifted artists over three decades, in 1993 he decided to move into a new direction, producing, composing instrumental music for film and television, and for the first time ever, solo recording. Always a prolific songwriter, Sturgis had never actually sung any of his own songs, he released his debut solo disc Man Of Steel, in 2004. The disc features Sturgis playing his unique style of bottleneck slide on a National Steel guitar on every track. Standouts include Comes Again (Memphis Train), Turn Into Stone, She's Got a Gun, and a completely original version of the Rolling Stones chestnut, Play With Fire. He has spent the last four years wood-shedding and concentrating on honing his live performance chops. His new band is appropriately called "STURGIS", and they are currently flooring audiences in the NYC area.

Visit http://www.mandylemons.com and to download music from Mandy Lemon’s release 'Low Society'. And be sure to visit Sturgis Nikides’ at http://www.sturgisnikides.com.